August 11, 2013


Last pages of the sketchbook-2013!
The upper sketch is copy of 2010 watercolor of F.M.Marrouch (here) done with the only brush and two colors, ultramarine blue and burnt sienna.
In 2010 I was impressed by this painting and had no idea how it was executed. Now, 3 years later, seems like I know)))

Sketch below is inspired by photo, again of 2010, and I have no clue about the author.
And at last I feel fed up with copying of masters' works for the time being.


  1. That big brush looks great! I am still looking for a good big flat brush. It seems you have learned a lot from the masters!

  2. well, you've done a fine job with this project, irina. i think of you often and send best wishes to you always.

  3. These a both lovely. And now it is time to buy a new sketch book.

  4. Your work is evolving so fast, Irina, I see your watercolours and sketches are getting better and better, always beautiful, loose and expressive.
    I work with a chinese flat brush, I like it very much

  5. I agree with Anamaria - you are making progress with each new sketch - and its a delight to see!

  6. I love your work Irina, that's going to be fantastic to break away and get your own creativity happening. You've already done pictures of your own if memory serves me correctly and from what I recall they are amazing!


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