September 20, 2013

Autumn Vegetables

Friends, I miss you so much. Daily office work takes all my time. I allow myself only one hour in the evening to read rss feed and to see your beautiful art.

The only one sketch this month, done in the beginning of September before the still life ingredients turned into spicy vegetable stew.

And I want to share: "Beautiful reading" - this is the name of bookmark in my browser which leads into blog of John Lovett (here). I am reading it as a book from the beginning in June 2009. Beautiful and useful reading.


  1. I like your vegetables, Irina. Like everything you paint, they have strength, they look alive and solid. I like this.Thanks for the link, I'm going to check it now. Bye!

  2. I like your work very much, Irina.

  3. I like your vegetable still life, Irina! Thanks for the link, I'll have a look.

  4. A good combination for a great still life Irina, so glad to see your work today!

  5. Hello Irina,
    Wonderful watercolors!
    A big hug

  6. Really nice watercolor, Irina! I am so glad you painted these luscious vegetables before they turned into stew!

  7. What a beautiful and colorful still life, Irina. And I'm glad to hear these delicious looking vegetables went into a spicy stew.

    I understand how office work takes up all your time. It takes up all my time too.


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