October 1, 2013

Tools of the Trade

My dear friend Judy Barends (her blog) showed us her basic palette in her blog in the end of August and asked to share ours.
I liked the idea of sharing very much and decided to slightly expand and interpret it. So here today you can see my sketching set and the tools of the trade I usually have in my bag on the days of outdoor sketching (not so many days and not so often as I'd like, though).
Here they are:
1. Sketchbook (Fabriano at a moment, very good for light washes)
2. "White Nights" tube paints in Cotman kit
2.1 Lemon yellow
2.2 Cad Yellow
2.3 Rose Madder
2.4 Cad red
2.5 Cobalt Blue
2.6 Indigo
2.7 Winsor Blue
2.8 Ultramarine Blue
2.9 Cool green
2.10 Warm green
2.11 Yellow ochre
2.12 Burnt sienna
2.13 Sienna
2.14 Sepia
2.15 Cad orange
2.16 Dark violet
2.17 Grass green
3. Pen case
4. Machanical pencil with the box of extra leads.
5. Faber Castell Pitt brush-pen in sepia, water-resistant.
6. Rotring  fountain pen (I made it shorted by cutting its long artistic tail)
7. Pentel brush-pen in sepia, water-soluble.
8. Waterbrush with 3 (S, M, L) brushes.
9. 3 clips
10. Kneaded and usual eraser
11. Folding plastic cup, to use as water container.
12. Tablets' container now filled with water-soluble Neocolor sticks (grey, yellow, red, blue, sepia, green) and white wax crayon to preserve whites in my sketches.
13. Water container to moisture paints.
14. Sponge for excessive water on the brush.

I'd love to see your kits, I am sure they are so inspiring.



  1. I looked at your tools very well, so interesting to see them! Thanks for the mention, Irina!

  2. I like to see other artists tools, Irina, thanks for sharing, so interesting! We have some in common: Faber Castell Pitt brush-pen (mine is black) and waterbrush (only one) but my set of colours to plein air painting is smaller.You gave me the idea, soon I'll post my tools in my blog.

  3. I like seeing your kit. Unfortunately mine is all over the place so no picture today.

  4. Wow, you are so organized! I would be embarrassed to show you my messy kit:) I loved seeing what you use and need to explore those brush pens...looks very interesting! (Found you from Judy's site:)

  5. wishing you a very happy birthday irina ....neat kit ...the water brush sml looks good


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