March 3, 2014

Sketchbook Pages

White spots on the toes parts were reserved with white wax crayon. Week-end was well spent.

I keep attending live drawing class once a week. This time it was white pen and graphite on craft paper.


  1. One more lovely pair to add to your shoe collection, nice!

  2. Irina gracias por sus lindas palabras a mis trabajos en el blog
    Estos zapatos están hermosos de color y muy reales, bien por sus clases de dibujo son un gran complemento de la pintura

  3. You have a really interesting hoe series going on, Irina! And you are making great strides in the life classes! Very exciting work!

  4. You do love your shoes! :) But really, what woman doesn't love shoes. I like this painting and love your life drawing class sketches.


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