May 7, 2014

21 Days of Creativity. Day #1

I take part in Russian web project "21 Days of Creativity". This is day 1: "To art-journal your day". Funny, but my day was crazy, exactly like that pages you see here.

I am starting this experiment, because one day I realized that I lost my freedom and "process more important than result" rule in drawing/painting activity. Suddenly the positive reaction of people around me became more important than the joy of art making. And I do not like it that much.
So during these 3 weeks I will try to get back my fun.

One more sketches' page is here. There is no mentor at the event. We all gather and sketch figure without instructions, tasks or comments. Interesting experience, it makes me braver.


  1. Good for you, brave Irina! Have fun with it!

  2. irina, i continue to quietly follow your posts. your artwork brings me delight as does your candor and innate artistic integrity. we have framed the country scene you so kindly sent us and it has received praise from several artists who have visited our home. i know it is not productive to hear praise when your intention is truly about the art itself but i am breaking your rule of indulging in such praise and mine in quietly appreciating you from behind the scenes. i still feel the longing to give you something in exchange for your generosity but i don't know what you might need or want and don't want to burden you with something.

  3. your figures are fabulous. Now that I'm doing them (with no drawing allowed) I realize how good yours are!

    Love your Day 1 of Creativity. Your journal looks very exciting.

  4. Dina, Brattcat, thank you!
    Carol, thank you! Maybe I should not say this, but I myself am so surprised that the figures I drew looked like the original people in the session. Definitely practice makes miracles)).


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