May 19, 2014

21 Days of Creativity. Day #9.

Today's task is to learn to include texts into the pages, typography (that was hard!) and frankness (even harder..).
Burning orange is my color favorite again. Watercolor pencils for background, markers for text.

If you are interested:
5 things I want to do every day:
Breath fresh air, Read, Create, Do yoga, Love
5 things that inspire me:
Creative people, Nature, Music, Faith, My fantasy
5 countries I want to visit:
Britain, Ireland, Norway, Civilized Russia, New Zealand, USA, Australia 
5 things I love:
Be on the road, Woods, My art materials, Music, World of web. 
I felt as I was 15 years old again, when filling this page in. Great experience.


  1. Wonderful lists. Go for it!
    I am so enjoying your lively 21 days. I wish it would never end.

  2. Irina, I agree with Dina. You're on fire with this project!

  3. I like the lists and how it looks on the page :)


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