May 8, 2014

21 Days of Сreativity. Day #2.

The task was: Flowers, any possible way.
Yes, I see the spelling mistake now..
Flowers did not expect I'd do so many manipulations here.
Ink, watercolor, marker, white gesso, packing paper, acrylic paint with palette knife and fingers, crayons. Oh, I was happy in this process!


  1. The creativity is jumping from the screen! It is good that you are going back to the fun of creating! I am finding my way back to that too.

  2. Creativity and happiness! A perfect combination!

  3. you can see you were ...great page and process irina

  4. You are really getting into this! So glad you are taking us along!
    I love the results, every day something totally different and beautiful and fun.


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