May 4, 2014


40x60cm, watercolor on Arches, plus watercolor pencils, stamp and acrylic paint on curtain.

There are new flowers at my place. Great in design and color, very painting inspiring.

And new painting people experience. And first charcoal drawing experience. Very dusty! But charcoal line feels so good: strong and intense.


  1. Excellant arranegment Irina, the open pages of the book, the stamped design , the glowing orange against the green, everything is making this painting beautiful!

  2. I do like your multimedia approach to the flowers - and it is certainly a lovely composition! It seems as if charcoal is adding life and motion to your figures - nice work, Irina!

  3. Muy interesante la composición de la acuarela, los colores vibrantes y los distintos materiales crearon un hermoso trabajo, felicitaciones!
    El carboncillo es muy útil para hacer sombras, se pueden conseguir distintos valores, después se puede fijar con el spray del cabello.

  4. Thank you for the name of that plant. I just got one in my office and couldn't remember the name of it! Your painting of the plant with the cup and book is terrific as are your life sketches. We can't draw our figures, only paint directly with watercolor.


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