June 5, 2014

21 Days of Creativity. Days 16-20.

I decided to combine several tasks, hoping this would make my pages deeper and more interesting (to be honest, I have enough of this scrapbooking experience, and try to round it out), so:
Task 16. Use layers.
(And these are the instruction how to make typical scrapbooking page, I did them step by step to decorate my idea of "man and grapes")):
1. Ink cotton swabs and make dots.
2. Blotts from ink bottle.
3. Forget brushes and find some other painting sticks.
4. Paint the top of the page, spray with water and see how free designs form on your paper.
5. Stamps.
6. Add water to ink to reach different shades of grey.
7. Accident lines made by 3 colors.
8. Stencils.
9. Sketch something by hand.
10. Write some text with closed eyes.
11.Draw green leaves from memory.
12. Draw frame.
13. Use white markers.
14. Use black markers.

Task 17. Use stencils (see p.8)
Task 18. Use stamps (see p.5)
Task 19. Relax and enjoy the web pages about scrapbooking.
Task 20. Interpret the ideas you found during relaxing in task 19.


  1. Irina realmente usted se esta divirtiendo ! y lo más curioso es que los trabajos son muy interesantes, bravo!

  2. I especially love how the man's curls are echoed in the round grapes.

  3. One of the most intriguing Buddha I have ever seen, way to go Irina!


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