June 12, 2014

Almost Done

I was interested to draw aluminum box's texture and the state of almost spent package.
And I can thank "21 days of creativity" for the idea to add old newspaper as a background.

Girls, I can recommend this cream for your hands, L'Ocittane de Provence hand cream, very good list of ingredients in huge box.


  1. Hi Irina, great painting of your almost used up tube of L'Ocittane de Provence hand cream. I like that brand of hand cream too.

  2. Yes! I love the light and sculpture of discarded containers also. I often photo them. Yours in a good work

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  3. Very nice! (I mean the painting.) Does L'Occitane have a scent at all? I'm looking for something new because the unscented lotion I used to buy is now called "fragrance free" and it stinks!

  4. Carol, thank you!

    Cloudia, thank you! Photography is so artful.

    Petrea, thank you! It has very weak scent, rather cheap, but not irritating at all.

  5. You painted the metal of the container beautifully! And the newspaper for the background is genius! Have to try the handcream.

  6. Hi, Irina - I have been catching up with your last several posts and am happy to see your works. I really am intrigued by the idea of 21 days of creativity - especially since I just went through a few weeks where nothing I did was very good or very creative at all. I hope this exercise proves to be very stimulating and beneficial for you.


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