August 6, 2014

Irish Impressions 1.

I have just come back from Ireland. Beautiful emerald island. Great weather (we were lucky, I know). Everything around blossoms or is going to blossom. 
I hurry to fill sketchbook with impressions from the trip, before they vanish in daily home routine. Thank you, Ireland, for the hospitality, the beauty of landscapes and open people.
Dublin doors are joy for any artist. The Dubliners did not put numbers on their houses, so the color of the door was the only way to find out the right address. 


  1. Love the doors! I love Ireland, you must have had a wonderful trip!

  2. Hi Irina. Your pictures make me want to book a flight to Ireland!

  3. Love those doors, Irina. I am so happy that you had a lovely trip. I am looking forward to seeing more of your sketches/paintings from Ireland.

  4. Wow. More Ireland, please. These doors are wonderful. I'm glad you got to go!

  5. Wonderful doors! Good to hear about your trip to a place I will probably never get to see.

  6. Judy, now I can say out loud: " I love Ireland, too!"

    Dina, it looks like great idea!

    Thank you, Laura!

    Thank you, Christiane! I try to sketch everyday, as the Irish air is still with me.

    Petrea, thank you so much!

    Judy, thank you!

  7. Thanks for your good wishes, Irina.

  8. Wonderful doors! I've always had a special fondness for them.


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