August 16, 2014

Tennis Racket

About 20 years ago I played tennis. Last week I found my tennis bag with the racket in the back corner of the closet and decided to revive the past. I close my eyes and see me, athletic and fit, on the court.
No big deal that summer is over, I believe in my sports victories.
Now it is time for cup of  tea and cake.  
Sports records to be!


  1. Sería lindo volver a tomar la raqueta y correr tras la pelotita, y sentir esa sensación de libertad que nos dá hacer deporte, además de comer tartas y pintar
    Hace más de 20 años que juego y lo sigo disfrutando, anímate Irina!!

  2. Great drawing. I'm with you...I would rather have the tea and cake. :)


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