November 18, 2014

The Painting and Other Stuff

Gouache, 40x60cm

During one month  I did not draw/paint at all. It felt both, relaxing and depressing. Then I decided that I needed help and found new art teacher. Here is the first result of our collaboration. She insisted I had to use gouache (brrr..) and to finish painting in one 3hours session.
Artistic campaign is back to action.
I hope you were fine last month and look forward to see your victories.


  1. love love love it ! happy painting with a fresh new vision! love the pears too

  2. of a person loving life!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  3. This seems to me like a strongly emotional painting. It's partly because of the powerful colors. Also the shapes.

  4. So glad to see a new painting. I was beginning to worry about you!

  5. Excellent composition, colors and shapes put together to give out a lovely painting, look forward to more!

  6. Good to see you painting again, Irina! I love the red background, it brings it all together, and has a happy feel!

  7. Hi, Irina. Once in a while a break from creating turns out to be fuel for future creativity. I am glad you are back to painting and I think you will find working in gouache to be fun and challenging.

  8. Hope you enjoyed your break and wasn't too depressed. How did you like using gouache? I think this painting worked out very well. Glad to hear your artistic campaign is back in action.

  9. Irina gracias por tus palabras en mi blog, estoy tratando de transitar nuevos caminos.
    Tus últimas pinturas tienen mucha pasión , los colores vibrantes y puros, ese también tal vez es un camino nuevo.


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