December 8, 2014

Art Class

My new art teacher explains the rules of composition, color and tone balance. This time I had to choose any objects in the studio and paint them in one session.
"You do not plan to enter any art college, so I do not teach you academic drawing and painting. You are in search of your personal style improvement and here we will dig together", she says.  I like it.


  1. A new teacher with a good attitude, how exciting! Enjoy it!
    I love your special style.

  2. You have a very wise art teacher! Enjoy!!

  3. The most important thing is the discovery of your very own unique style. You have a very wise teacher.

  4. I like your painting and your teacher. And I agree with all the other commenters!

  5. I agree with everybody above too , so good to have a teacher with this attitude. You are painting up a storm lately , this work is great !


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