December 26, 2014

Copying Masters

20x15cm, Ink Pen

While studying the book "Drawing with pen and Ink" by Guptill (link here) I was amazed by variety and diversity of strokes of ink pen offered by the author.
So I decided to copy one of the illustrations, by Addison B. Le Boutillier. A lot of patience and accuracy required, not my strongest features they are.


  1. Amazing to see how you applied the diversity of the pen in this drawing, Irina. It is beautiful! Copying is a good way to learn.

  2. Irina muy lindo bodegón , podes visitar a tiene hermosas acuarelas y fascinación por los trabajos realizados con lapiceros y tintas.

  3. Wow! So different than your usual, and yet so lovely. They say copying is a good way for writers to learn, too.


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