December 6, 2014

On the table

To revive my artful inclinations I start the new project, 6 weeks of drawings inspired by "One Drawing A Day" by Veronica Lawlor (Goodreads link).
Day One. Make a still life of objects you like in your home and draw them freely.
Here is piece of my creative corner documented in watercolor, ink, pencils.


  1. Interesting collection, looks so beautiful together! An extra eye on the lovely pouch :-)

  2. Irina, this is terrific. I love the colored pencils!

  3. Irina, este trabajo me gusta mucho, buen dibujo, interesante composición y el color armonioso, muchos medios tonos y algunos colores intensos, que buen resultado ! (se lo mostró a su maestra de pintura?)


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