January 6, 2015

Old Wardrobe

85x60cm, Gouache
Old wardrobe in art-studio where once a week I take painting class.

We are so different with my new teacher, she is like air and water, I am like fire and earth, if this comparison is suitable at all. Every time I struggle to start painting in the beginning of the lesson, every time I am happy and relaxed with the result in the end of it.
Some of her artwork here, Tamara Mamontova.


  1. Fabulous painting and an interesting subject! Love it a lot!

  2. I believe I do see the influence of her air and water interspersed among your fire and earth. You are ndeed fortunate to have such a teacher!

  3. I like the painting very much. It's an interesting composition of interesting items. Great work. And I'm glad you like your teacher.


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