January 15, 2015


Last summer I saw her in the zoo cage. She was white, rather old, indifferent to spectators, suffering from summer heat and walking nonstop across her small kingdom.
I had made some photos and found them yesterday in old "To sketch" folder.


  1. I think you have really "captured" this tiger's personality. Wonderful!

  2. The poor beauty. I'm glad you remembered her. I can't go to zoos, they are too heartbreaking.

    1. Petrea, I was always against zoos, but then I realized that zoos were the only opportunity to see and feel animals for children of city jungle. For adults the show is depressing, I agree with you completely.

  3. It is always sad to see an animal in a cage. You have made a nice portrait though, without the cage.

  4. The color and beauty of those eyes made me catch my breath. Beautifully done.
    The story saddened my heart but then I thought they must have taken good care of her to live that long. I agree the Zoos allow us to see wild life we otherwise would know nothing about, I love going to well kept and animal sensitive ones.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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