June 17, 2015

Going to the Market

My new business card. The card together with on-line Russian shop, opened in February, new custom domain to blogspot blog and new site decoration had surprisingly high therapeutic effect. Now I feel like I am a professional artist with all the attributes.

The stuff I want to share with you if you are interested in new blog decoration. I found the instructions via Google. The instructions are clear and my zero knowledge of code was not a problem almost at all. All the links are about Blogger blogs.
If you want to add page navigation at the bottom of the blog.
How to install "Scroll to Top" button.
How to center headers.
Page redirection.


  1. Congratulations on the new business card, the custom domain, the online shop! You are a professional!

  2. Your business card looks really professional, and so does your blog! Thanks for sharing the links, I will use some of those tips!


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