September 3, 2015

Say Hi to Your Deepest Fear

55cm x 55cm, Mixed Media on Wallpaper

Few days ago there was a situation when one of my deepest fears held my spine so tight.
I did not like it.
So I decided to draw this fear and when the paper was dry, I destroyed the drawing with all possible passion. Maybe the action sounds crazy, but I felt so good, relaxed and free at the end of the execution!


  1. It doesn't sound strange. I've heard of people writing their fears on paper, then burning the paper. It's a symbolic ritual that reminds us to release! It's not good for the spine! I'm glad you destroyed it with passion.

  2. Good for you for dealing with your fear like this. The painting is pretty scary.
    I should try this too.

  3. Great idea! I think this is a very creative way to deal with fear.


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