April 9, 2016


Have you seen Marina Abramovic"s "The Artist is Present" documentary? It is about her performance in MOMA when she was siting still for three month looking into faces of the strangers. So impressive, about devotion, madness, sacrifice, stubbornness, talent of the true artist. Already several years I can not forget it. Here is the link to Youtube trailers. If you want full movie, I can probably find the link.

This guy was one of the many who sat in front of Marina.


  1. I've seen portions of it. It's exciting to watch. What an idea, and such a simple, graceful execution of it. This must have been draining for her, but it's beautiful.

    Your portrait is excellent. The man is very distinct.

    1. Petrea, I agree so much.
      Thank you for the reaction to the portrait. My version is very far from original face, yet it has the same focus and concentration as the original one, at least I hope so.

  2. I don´t understand how she could sit there for so long!! I could never do that!
    I must do portraits too soon! People portraits, not cats as I do now. Did a lot in school when I was younger. I should do it again.
    What part do you think is the most difficult in a portrait? I think the eyes. Most of the personality is in the eyes.

    1. Catharina, she is amazing and her passion frightens and inspires.
      For me the main difficulty in portraits is how to get right proportions and impossibility to catch the harmony existing in every face. But I'll keep working on it.


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