May 13, 2016

"Visit Norway" Poster

This is the final view of the poster, which fate will be decided tomorrow.
I used  the photos of my drawings and arranged them in Photoshop, adding text in different fonts, adding Norwegian ornament for the background.
Nice experience. My first illustration and design experience.
12 things to do in Norway this summer:
1. Ohhhh, nature!
2. To see the wooden church.
3. To buy troll and to see the Norwegian cat.
4. To go fishing and to eat fish.
5. To get scared with Munch.
6. To feel Hardangervidda.
7. To fall in love with Bergen.
8. To drink beer in Oslo
9. To experience a ferry.
10. To learn about vikings.
11. To get surprised by Vigeland.
12. To love Norway with the deep of your heart and forever.

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