November 3, 2016

EDM #82. Draw Your Art Space

Recently I have bought Raeskog - IKEA's 3levels utility cart (the one in the middle). It is of rich burnt sienna color, and it is love from first sight. Should I say that I love to go to IKEA once in a while, to feel I am in Stockholm, in Europe, in law and order?

Raeskog perfectly fitted into the picture, now my drawing and painting tools are well arranged and on wheels.

The sketch is about the art space, I am the lucky one to have the separate area for the creative experiments. Have just realized that every furniture item in the picture is brought from IKEA...


  1. I have been flirting with Raeskog for quite a while now, I love the turquoise version, but still haven't bought it . I think it is awesome for putting all your painting stuff. You have such a wonderful eye for detail , another great drawing .

    1. Thank you Jane! Not only putting in all art stuff, but also rolling, rolling, rolling it all around!

  2. So cool! My wish is to own such place one day.


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