December 9, 2016

Little Marina

Have you ever dreamed to own a yacht? I never did. I am afraid of open spaces with no land in sight. But what a joy to see them, boats and yachts, these beautiful proves of human brain's achievements.


  1. This is a sweet sketch - I love boats and I love the ocean, but, like you, it has never been my dream to own a yacht. Did you know that Aristotle Onasis took Churchill on trips on his yacht toward the end of Churchill's life? What amazing conversations they must have had!

  2. Candy, that's so interesting. Think of the eras they crossed.

    I agree, Irina! Being on a boat is not my thing. But they're pretty to look at.

  3. Thank you my dear girls!
    A decade ago, when I was in the middle of Julia Cameron's "Artist Way", she wanted us to dream about the interesting conversationalist to talk to. I was dying to talk to Churchill. Well, not talking to, but sitting quietly near him and listen attentively to his every word. Thank you for this memory, Candy.

  4. Such a lovely painting, Irina! I am a landperson too, but love watching water and boats with two feet firmly on the ground. :)

    1. Thank you Judy! I am surprised, I always thought that Holland is very much about water and sea. Glad to learn new about you.

  5. This looks amazing Irina, I can only enjoy the sea from the shore, the fear of endless space gets on my nerves!


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